Burnt Cove Market and The Galley offer online ordering for curbside pickup.

Please be advised: Orders are welcome at anytime but we are filling orders on the following days:

Burnt Cove Market: Monday, Thursday
The Galley: Wednesday

How to place you order:

1. Complete the order form below. Items with an asterisk * are required.

2. We will contact you at the phone number you provide to confirm order details and arrange payment and pickup time.

Note: Please be as specific as you can and include quantities with your order. For example, “3 navel oranges” rather than just oranges. This will help us better fill your order.

Orders for Delivery on Mondays should be noted as such with an accompanying address for delivery.


We will call you when your order is ready and inform you at that point of any items that are not available.

Thanks you.

We will notifiy you as soon as your order is ready to arrange payment and pickup time. Thank You!